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Police Officers adopted the bicycle early in the 20th century, initially using their own. However, they eventually became a standard issue, particularly for police in rural areas. By 1904 129 rural police bicycle patrols were operating. The Ontario Police Department purchased 2 bicycles in 2007.

Some countries retained the police bicycle while others dispensed with them for a time.  Late in the twentieth century, urban bicycle patrols became more common, as the mobility of car-borne officers was increasingly limited by traffic congestion.

Ontario’s Officers volunteer and are then selected to participate in the bicycle patrol program.  Each of the officers are still required to perform regular police functions and have a standard patrol vehicle parked near by their patrol area with a bicycle mount on the back.  This allows the officers the flexibility to respond to areas across town with their patrol vehicle when needed.

Ontario bicycle patrol officers enjoy the opportunity to get out of their patrol cars and meet with the citizens in which they serve.  Additionally, the bicycle gives the officers a great chance to talk with children in the neighbors and compare bicycles.


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