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The Ontario Police Department placed into service December 2004, its first Hostage Negotiation Team. The team consists of four (4) officers that have received advanced training in negotiation techniques to use with hostage takers, barricaded persons, or suicidal individuals. This advanced training was conducted at the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy in London, Ohio in cooperation with the nationally known trainers of The Survivewise Corporation. The officers of this team train bi-monthly to keep prepared for situations.

The department took delivery of a new Hostage Negotiator Telephone, designed by "Rescue Phone" in December 2004. This phone allows the negotiators a way to set up communications between them and a person in crisis, in attempt to resolve a situation. This crisis response telephone was purchased with the help of three local businesses. Those three that we offer a great amount of gratitude are, General Motors Corporation, Meijer Department Store and Walmart Department Store.

The department added a Hostage Negotiator Van to the compliment of vehicles in 2006. This adds the ability to separate the negotiators to a sterile environment while the Intel and Incident Scene Commander are individually performing their tasks outside of the van. A mobile computer network allows instant communication between the Van, the Intel tent, and the Command Truck regardless of the environment or situation.

In 2011, a new Command Truck was put into service to replace the old Command Post.

Our activities include:

42 Hostage or Barricaded Subject Responses

110 S.W.A.T. Assist Responses

4  Command Truck Only Responses: The Command Truck was utilized in Shelby following the flood of 2007, additionally, on Millsboro Rd, in 2009 for large extensive search for a lost elderly person. Most recently, the truck was utilized in Shelby during another small flood in 2011 and a Home Invasion during 2012 in the County.

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