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Complaint Filing

Filing and Investigation Procedures

The City of Ontario Division of Police believes that the trust and confidence of the citizens it serves is essential. In order to promote and maintain public trust and confidence, the City of Ontario Division of Police will make fair and vigorous investigations of complaints of wrong-doing against the agency or its employees.

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Division of Police regarding any incident perceived as unlawful, unreasonable and/or objectionable, by one of the following methods:

1. Contact the City of Ontario Division of Police in person at any time and request to speak to the supervisor on duty, who will take the complaint in writing (this is the preferred method).

2. Contact the City of Ontario Division of Police by telephone at 419-529-2115 and request to speak with the supervisor on duty.

3. Contact the City of Ontario Division of Police in writing, addressed to the Chief of Police, City of Ontario Division of Police, 555 Stumbo Rd., Ontario, OH 44906.

All complaints alleging misconduct by an employee of the agency will be investigated by supervisory personnel. Complaints alleging serious misconduct will be investigated by the agency’s internal affairs function. Line supervisors will investigate allegations of minor misconduct.

1. Complaints are registered by the duty supervisor on the required form.

2. The complainant will be advised of the status and conclusion of the investigation.

3. The investigations shall safeguard the rights of the complainant and the rights of the employee accused of wrong-doing.

4. Generally, formal internal affairs investigation interviews are conducted at the Police Department.

5. The complainant, witnesses and employees may be requested to take a polygraph test relevant to the complaint and/or investigation.

6. The complainant and/or witnesses may be prosecuted if the allegation and corroborative statements are false. Malicious allegations and/or false charges are not tolerated by this agency.

These procedures are designed to inform and ensure fairness to all involved in an internal affairs investigation, not to dissuade the filing of a legitimate complaint against the agency or its personnel.

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