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  1. “The public has access to this product and can use it against us. You have to know how to defend against it.”
  2. An attorney said some of the officers allegedly returned to the scene of the crash and warned witnesses not to talk to investigators
  3. Gov. Josh Shapiro: "Making our communities safer starts with ensuring PDs are well-staffed, well-funded, well-trained and well-equipped"
  4. The Community Police Commission can dole out discipline to officers, a role once held by the police chief and safety director
  5. Suspects were charged with first-degree possession with intent to distribute marijuana over 25 pounds
  6. Boosting pay and pensions, increasing benefits for childcare and college tuition were some recommendations
  7. “Got robbed again,” CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah tweeted Friday afternoon
  8. The driver was found guilty of reckless driving and sentenced to 90 days in jail, which he has already served
  9. How law enforcement and educators can collaborate on improving school safety
  10. The mobile testing unit will give more time to patrol officers to answer calls for service

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