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  1. Three civilians jumped in as the suspect put up a fight during an arrest. He "continued to scream, yell, kick and spit at other responding officers"
  2. With lawmakers in limbo, I’m betting on cops and communities to win the fight against radicalization
  3. The mayor said the training center will "better preparing our fire, police and emergency responders to protect and serve our communities"
  4. The woman continued to fight deputies until she was back inside the airport. The woman bit one deputy on the thigh and kicked two others
  5. The suspect had already stabbed a man before LAPD located him in a parking lot
  6. LEOs interviewed said the law decriminalizing small amounts of heroin and other street drugs is ineffective and they believe it negatively affects public safety
  7. An officer's body-worn camera shows K-9 Bear tracking the occupants of the car, who were ages 13, 15 and 16
  8. Learn practical information like where to look for grants, how to create a strong application and best practices when writing your case
  9. There's currently no law against making ghost guns; the new law would ban the ownership, sale and shipping of ghost gun parts in New York
  10. Lee Weems wants to get instructors thinking about instructional design and the “why” of courses of fire

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